Kyle Logue Scam Employee Theft

Timeshare Tours Live Video Feed

Work with the leading Contract Release & Claims Specialists in the US. With over 15,000 timeshare cancellations successfully terminated to date, we can take on any challenge you put our way. Experience working with a 100% GUARANTEED Insured & Bonded Timeshare Cancellation Agency located in Portland, Maine. Have you been victimized by a Timeshare Developer who may ask you for 90-minutes of your own time in receipt of some FREE gift or tickets of some sort. We have discovered this video online for our viewers who have never had the experience to actually sit through these Timeshare Tour Presentations. The Fraud & Deception is really HIGH, consumer Fraud, Predatory Lending Laws, Consumer Protection Agency is the way to get help if you have been scammed into a Timeshare purchase. Nowadays you can find Timeshares on for $1.00. Please watch this video and share to your loved ones who may be victims of a Timeshare Scam. Contact us now Toll-Free +1(844)-215-2744 OPTION 1


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