Need a Reputable Timeshare Cancellation Company?
“How it Works” is recognized as one of the top Timeshare Cancellation Companies which assists and educates consumers in relieving themselves of their vacation properties and unwanted timeshare scamstimeshare contracts. Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Maine, this company serves Timeshares Consumers in the United States, including South America, United Kingdom, Australia, and Caribbean Islands that are victims of a Timeshare Scam. You don’t need a Timeshare Cancellation Attorney to cancel a Timeshare, don’t be fooled.

We offer our clients a 100% money-back guarantee on all services provided, ensuring that the clients will not incur any future fees after utilizing our services and have been released of their timeshares, and that if they are not satisfied our services and they can receive 100% of their money back & No Question’s Asked.

Timeshare Release Now has experienced Timeshare Exit Consultants who educate consumers of their Consumer-Protection rights and Timeshare purchase recession periods on getting out of their timeshares. They are also warned about the potential dangers of Consumer & Timeshare Scams & Fraud Schemes to avoid. People are quick to think that you need a Timeshare Cancellation Attorney to perform such tasks or still think the Resales are possible and they are completely wrong, there’s always a first time for everything. A timeshare, or were a consumer buys the rights to use a particular property for a given period of time each year, and can often become highly expensive after a period of time. Also with inflating maintenance fees and random special assessment fees becoming more than the individual can pay for and the consumer may find that they cannot afford to spend the time & money to maintain the timeshare as they thought they could.

DO WE NEED A TIMESHARE CANCELLATION ATTORNEY TO HELP? is for helping timeshare owners & consumers get back on their feet to enjoy their lives again free of any Timeshare contractual obligations. For a small fee, the Timeshare Release Advocacy team is helping uneducated Timeshare Owners who are victims of a Timeshare Scam to help them to a well reputable Timeshare Exit Company that offers these services with 100% Money-Back Guarantee if we are unsuccessful in the release of clients contract. Reversing the timeshare back to the resort is not a simple task as you may think, thus freeing the clients from the financial responsibility of the timeshare and ensuring they no longer have to pay the maintenance fees and other costs associated with the timeshare is close to the impossible nearly 5 years ago. Do you deserve your money back? We think so! Fight for what you believe in, these Timeshare Fraud Schemes and Timeshare Resale Scams are taking the industry to a bad place where nobody will trust anyone anymore.

We will fight to recover some if not all of monies paid into the Resort Developer. Our support advocates will find the best solution for your needs. Call Now & Get Approved!

Visit the website for to learn more about the process of timeshare cancellation and to contact the company about utilizing their services. LIVE AGENT Toll-Free (844) 215-2744 Option 1

How It Works: The Process…

Cancellation Process How it Works Timeshare Release Now
Timeshare Release Cancellation Program How it works guide

» Case Analyst Assignment: Timeshare Release Now assigns each client to a Certified Case Analyst that works together weekly from beginning-to-end. Build a relationship!

» New Client Package Mail to Client: A “New Client” welcome letter is mailed to the client via US Postal Service within 24-48 hours, which will contain all legal documentation, package instructions, rules & guidelines.

» Documents Submitted: Once finished, client then mails everything back to our offices for review & approval. Documents are used to win your case!

» Document Preparation: Our legal counsel will draft the necessary documents for client to ensure a seamless release of clients Timeshare financial obligations and/or club memberships point based systems.

» Case Manager Demand: Legal Dept. works with your Case Analyst in the preparation of all documents for you and sends the demand letters to the timeshare resort for cancellation. YOU DO NOTHING!

» Timeshare Company Acceptance: Timeshare company receives the demand letter for your timeshare contract, and then communicates back to our legal department.

» Client Notification: Client is notified in writing approximately every 15-30 days until all Resort Notifications are completed. We hope to be sending you, as fast as possible, a notification that states:

Congratulations! You contract has been terminated. Please mail your “Original Deed” back to us.



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