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Do You Know how To Cancel Your Timeshare?

Each person who speaks with our team at Timeshare Release Now ( knows how easy it is to purchase Timeshares, but how easy is it to. Join us today to learn “How to Cancel a Timeshare in 6 weeks“. During our free consultation, we listen to their experiences with hopes of serving their desire to cancel the timeshare contract. The more we understand about their story, the more effective we can be at getting the result our clients expect.

Our strength is our knowledge of the timeshare industry. We know that each state has specific laws that govern the sale of timeshares. Those laws begin with the way that timeshare developers market their properties. Since developers intend to sell individual units in 50 incremental units of time, laws require them to publish prospectuses that make every aspect of timeshare ownership transparent. When developers fail to reveal each rule pertaining to timeshare sales, they may violate consumer protection laws.

Besides the developer, each representative of the developer has a responsibility to adhere to consumer protection laws.

  • The laws apply to people who market the timeshare.
  • The laws apply to people who sell the timeshare.
  • The laws apply to people who show the timeshare.

Consumers have a right to know what they’re buying when they’re buying. Anyone who uses manipulative, unethical, or high-pressure tactics to trick people into signing contracts crosses a line. When they cross that line, they victimize people. At Timeshare Release Now, our team specializes in providing assistance to those people.

If developers bribed you with a free gift to attend to timeshare sales presentation, then you have rights. If you left that sales presentation burdened with tens of thousands in debt, financed by the developer at extraordinarily high interest rates, then perhaps you should contact our team at Timeshare Release Now, LLC. We have specialists that may be able to assist your efforts of cancelling that timeshare contract. If we cannot assist you, we’ll know after the free consultation. But finding out won’t cost you a penny. On the other hand, if the developer failed to comply with all consumer protection laws, we will provide you with outstanding service and deliver the results you’re after—ending your obligation to the timeshare developer forever.

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“We will Stop Timeshare Fraud – One Consumer at a Time!!” – Dustin Michaels of

Beware Timeshare Owners call Timeshare Release Now

CONFIDENTIAL READ & WATCH AT OWN RISK, Video recorded at the Laguna Shores Resort Timeshare Presentation, Rocky Point, Mexico, 11 September 2014, Recorded with a GoPro4639. We have gather together exclusive and highly confidential information that would blow your mind. We have done beta testing of how the resorts operate from year to year, the cleanliness of the rooms, we even got a hands on experience with entering into a Timeshare Tour Presentation and we recorded the whole thing. We offer consumers a 100% Guaranteed Timeshare Exit Program to be relieved from their financial obligations of their lifetime ever increasing Timeshare Maintenance Fee Inflations and tax inflations randomly. Ever heard of a Special Assessment Fee? These are fees the resorts charge if a natural disaster hits the establishment, or if they need extra money they will send out these special assessment fee invoices and must be paid to continue using the Timeshare.

The resorts are now recording the Tour Presentations to legally bind the owners into ownership even more, making it harder for them to get out. Until they found Timeshare Release Now, LLC out of Portland, Maine. Dedicated team of Certified Licensed Timeshare Exit Advocates and Legal Counsel at hands reach, if needed. This is a job not to tackle on your own, you will run in circle for years wasting time, money, and negative FICO credit scores. Now if this sounds like something that would benefit you, come talk to us and see what we have to offer. If it doesn’t fit your needs & lifestyle, we shake hands and part as friends. Contact us if you feel like a victim of a Timeshare Fraud Toll-Free (844) 215-2744 and international +1 (207)-457-0209   RECOVER MY MONEYCLIENT REVIEWSLEGAL RIGHTS – APPLY NOW – CONTACT US

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