employee theft can they be faithful?


July 2017 – EIN PRESSWIRE Fox News 8 LIVE– Dustin Michaels of TimeshareReleaseNow.com known as a resource person proudly shares with the general public how his hard earn resources were squandered by employing the wrong hands, says Dustin Michaels of Timeshare Release Now, LLC.

TimeshareReleaseNow.com is a Consumer Protection Advocacy group  which specializes in Timeshare Contract Cancellations & Exit Solutions. The company was established back in the year 2012, with great insight and vision for uncommon success. Fox News 8 LIVE & EIN Presswire News Desk decided to pick up this article to be aired live on the Channel 8 Fox News LIVE website on July 15th, 2017 with links above.

Kyle Logue Scam Employee Theft
Unfaithful employees are not trustworthy anymore says owner of TimeshareReleaseNow.com.

The company’s hope of growth become threatened as employees who are supposed to work towards the success and profit making goal of the company turn the use of company’s resources for personal development. Can Employees be Faithful and Trustworthy anymore?

A lot of paperwork, document both legal, policies and operation module were siphoned by being copied through a soft storage medium with the aim to start a personal business.

To the surprise of anyone who cares to believe, the personal business of these employees is situated down the street. Article Mentioned on EIN PRESSWIRE NEWS DESK here. and FOX News Channel 8 LIVE “CAN EMPLOYEES REMAIN FAITHFUL AND TRUSTWORTHY” Want to Read More about Article Click Here.

Fox News 8 LIVE says: This is a trend that is common among small and medium scale businesses in recent years says Forbes.com Magazine New York Times & The Huffington Post last Year covered the exact same subject matter and it was ENORMOUS.

 “I had my first experience about 1 year ago when I hired a good handful of younger adults in their early 20’s whom worked for my company www.TIMESHARERELEASENOW.com for about 4 months, stole everything in sight to open up shop right down the street using all of my company paperwork and agreements”. Dustin Michaels

TimeshareReleaseNow.com  became a victim of unfaithful employees such as Arabian man Rahaman Kargar who now out of nowhere owns Pine Tree Consultants in Portland, Maine after being terminated from TimeshareReleaseNOW.com which is also located downtown Portland, ME and to date Rahaman Kargar lives with his parents in Falmouth, ME. These individuals decided to take it upon themselves to take everything they could and now try to be just like TimeshareReleaseNow.com and copies everything they do because they are not inclined to create or develop anything on their own.

employee theft can they be faithful?
Since 2006 80% of employees are stealing time, money, or product. Its sad you have to be Careful who you hire these days everyone is out for themselves.

“You DON’T bite the hand that pays you”

~Message from the owner~

These guys use the stolen paperwork from TimeshareReleaseNow.com  to start and operate their current business.

TimeshareReleaseNow.com specializes in Timeshare contract cancellations. The business services include a Consumer Protection Consulting and Document Preparation Services. Our Licensed & Bonded Timeshare Advocates have extensive research involving Timeshare Fraud and the unethical sales tactics used to violate Consumers Rights and misrepresentation within the Timeshare Industry. Contact us TOLL-FREE (844)-215-2744 and talk to a LIVE AGENT NOW!

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