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Thank you Timeshare Release Now for giving me a chance to learn and give my family a better life... your company has been nothing short of a miracle in the sense that it helps people get there life back and gain control of our finances again. If I was standing there next to you, I would hug you dearly!  Thank you Dustin & Maine Team. People this company has helped me out in more ways than imaginable cancelling 4 Timeshare deeds in the matter of 6-8 months with all payments stopping the same day we signed up. Something i've been trying to do for years, bless this group. Thanks again, I will do my best to refer everyone I know with a Timeshare to your company.
Dave S.
239-898-8396  - 4 Deeds RELEASED
October 26, 2017
After being a Hilton timeshare owner for years, and after they started changing the rules, points were not easily converted, etc, my wife and I decided it was not worth the cost and wanted to get out of it. However, with the contract we signed, we thought there was no way it could happen. So I searched online and somehow found the Timeshare Release Now, LLC but I was skeptical at first as they were 1) over three thousand miles away, 2) located in Maine  3) the initial guy I spoke to on the phone sounded like he was a character right out of the Soprano’s. So the trust factor was the first hurdle in hiring them but after I spoke to Dustin Michaels and read several reviews I decided to go for it. Initially Timeshare Release told us that it would take some time as Hilton was pretty big and tough in their contracts, so we were prepared for the long haul. To our surprise, within 6 months of hiring them, we received good news that Hilton had agreed to let us off without a dime! Timeshare Release had exceed my expectations, they were great in communication during the entire 6 months and even after on follow ups. All I can say is that these guys are great at what they do and we are very happy with the results. They are worth every penny we paid. Thank you TRN!!
They did exactly as explained!
Cancelled Oct 1st, 2017
October 06, 2017
We greatly appreciate you and your team for all you did to help us, guide us, and delete this scam of a Time Share that tried to wreck our finances. Very grateful for you all, took a little longer than we thought, BUT, you nailed it and so far everything you have told us has come true. Wow! 5 Diamond Service! Thank you so much, All the Best, Keith&Carmen Crandell Best Contact: 239-784-2335  or via email  Keithcrandell@outlook.com
Cancelled June 2017  - KEITH & CARMEN
October 06, 2017
We bought a timeshare at a Mexican resort and needed to cancel our contract for multiple reasons. After speaking with the resort, they agreed to cancel our contract; however, rather than finalizing the deal, they sent us straight to collections and stopped responding to us. We hired Timeshare Release Now, LLC to help us get out of the contract and remove the collection account. Mr. Kelly and Mr. Michaels were extremely professional, helpful, and courteous along the way. They were able to successfully negotiate an end to our contract (and get proof in writing), and the collection account disappeared. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome!
Orlando, FL  - From: Anonymous
October 05, 2017
Every member of the extensive Timeshare Release Now team seemed to be involved in ensuring our case resolved successfully. Communication and professionalism were evident at every juncture, and the founder himself, Mr. Michaels, oversaw everything and was personally involved and personally very responsive. The result was steady and ultimately complete success. Timeshare Release Now is the ONLY entity in the entire Time Share industry that has proved itself honorable and adept, in my eyes......& I've interacted with so very many.   Mr. Michaels is an intelligent, personable and responsive man. And he has built a team each of whom demonstrates the same fine qualities. Again, we couldn't be more pleased. We hope to keep Mr. Dustin Michaels & Portland, Maine team as a personal friend as our lives go on.
Wyndham & Diamond Contracts  - Kissimmee, FL
October 05, 2017
I can't say enough good about this group. They were empathetic to my issue, responsive to my needs, worth every dime, and have saved me from one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
If you have Timeshare problems, these guys ROCK!
Cancelled July 15th, 2017  - New Port Richey, FL
October 05, 2017
My wife and I stupidly purchased a timeshare when we were in Orlando. We had some doubts initially but then started to regret it once our 10 days contract null period expired. We contacted Timeshare Release Now in Maine and worked with them and Jennifer Rogers. She was attentive and he made us feel less of a fool. In 5 weeks, we were free of it. We are so relieved thanks to this company!
Bower, KY
October 05, 2017
Mr. Michaels and his staff rescued us from a real estate mistake we made years ago. We had accepted the fact that we would never get out of the mess. But I came across Timeshare Release Now's website and took a chance. Three months later all of our problems have been taken care of and our life is back to normal! We owe it all to the Portland, ME team Dustin and his staff!
Multiple Contracts  - Cancelled on Aug 10th, 2017
October 05, 2017
We received our final release & settlement docs this morning at 11am EST. We started with TRN on June 1st, 2017 and literally 6-8 weeks, we are no longer Timeshare owners. We were told so many lies about this whole vacation package ordeal that we just didn't know what to believe anymore, contacting TRN was probably the best thing we've ever done, just even getting the educational piece to it was a BONUS, we were informed about everything that was to happen throughout their Release Programs, as this being our first time. I now know the do's & don'ts of the Timeshare Industry and to NEVER buy a Timeshare again, even if it's given to us for FREE. If any of you need references i'm willing to bend over backwards for these guys, as they would do the same for me and anyone else. Matt B. San Jose, CA (Contact Email: mbhytechn@gmail.com Tel: (408)-355-5209)
Matthew B.
Released on Aug 4th, 2017  - Wyndham & Bluegreen Contracts
August 08, 2017
I was able to be released from my contract along with my sister-in-law Joanne. She is more computer savvy and she recorded a video for these guys. I'm so proud of the outcome and that we were finally helped not scammed. Timeshare Release Now hands down one of the #1 best companies we have ever dealt with in our entire lives. Everything they explained to us happened verbatim, and I couldn't ask for anything more. We received our release paperwork in the mail on June 19th, 2017 and was the best damn day of my friggin lives. THANKS TO TRN FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!! REFERENCES CALL 205-504-7227 My Sisters video review for Timeshare Release Now is below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cpnk6-e7P8s or CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Susan & David D.
Released from Bluegreen Resorts & Vacation Village Contracts on June 10th, 2017  - from Chelsea, AL
July 19, 2017
I received my termination paperwork in the mail today! After 8 weeks we are no longer liable for this financial nightmare. We were so leary in the beginning but within no-time (3-days) we were set to ease, once we received our certified paperwork from their office in Portland, ME. Sorry if I was a pain in the rear in the beginning, I was just scared to get taken again, my apologies. And to the next person reading this and about to sign up with TRN, don't hesitate, we did and it was fine in literally a couple days. Every call was answered or returned on time and all we had to do was contact our assigned case agent every 2 weeks, they stopped all of our payments within 1-3 hours after signing up and life is GOOD NOW! Back to where we started, credit is UP! HATS OFF, You guys are THE BEST & cheapest quote we received! Thank You so much for your help! I will refer anyone with a Timeshare to you guys. A+ COMPANY!
Priscilla E. from Adelanto, CA
Terminated July 9th, 2017  - Grandview - Eldorado Resorts - Lando Resorts
July 18, 2017
Thank You Portland, ME for the hardwork you put into my case. I do apologize for the heartache I might have caused during the duration of the program while you guys were helping me, look what I was dealing with (can you blame us). I will send a "Thank You" gift for our condolences & appreciation. You guys should be acknowledged more for everything you've done for us and probably every American Citizen that has walked through your doors. Lastly, I would recommend this company to anyone with a Timeshare looking to get released and if you think you deserve your money back, ask the case analyst about it. We received a nice $check from TLC Resorts now Trading Places International. Now we didn't receive EVERY PENNY but something was better than nothing. We got a piece of cake without the frosting and we are OKAY with that. Just look at the amount of money they saved us in a 10-yr period, will blow your mind. I cant believe I was dumb enough to even get myself into this whole ordeal and thank god for these people. I worked with Dustin and Jonathan in Case Management, if you can request to work with one of these guys, they were awesome and will work with your financial situations. Thanks Again TRN! (I wont buy another Timeshare, I PROMISE)  - Wife says THANK-YOU DUSTIN & TEAM IMMENSELY~ Matt Barnes & Allison H.
Matt & Allison Barnes
References Cell/Mobile: 408-355-5209  - 2 Deeds
June 14, 2017
This is a god send finding these guys! I was at the point of just giving up until I heard the AD on the radio. I was on the way to work at the time and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Dustin and he insured me that we would be taking care of me from beginning to finish. We did everything on my drive to work and was able to stop all payments for us within 3 hours. It is unbelievable of what they accomplished for me, I would like to endorse this company and take any reference calls or emails regarding the work they completed for me in just a short period of time. Hats off! Thanks Timeshare Release Now ~ Marie Burky
Marie Burkholder
References Call: (989) 274-8195  - Cancelled Vacation Village Resorts
June 14, 2017
Hi all you hard workers at Timeshare Release Now,thank you for having our names taken off the Contract we had at Vacation Village at Parkway. My wife Diane could not believe it finally happened, after two failed attempts by other suspect company's that cost us many dollars for no results. For all those who read this Review, don't take any notice of those negative reviews they must be coming from disgruntled employees or someone that dont like to follow instructions. My dealings with Timeshare Release now was Professional and they kept their promises, what more could you ask for. We tried not to bother them to much, but we reside here in Australia and we let the professionals get the job done. Not only did we get cancelled but received a full refund of our initial down payment and purchase price back!! I thought our rep was joking when they mentioned this to us in the beginning. I would of been happy either way, money back or not. Once again thank you to all the hard workers at T.R.N.for having our names taken off Timeshare Contract. Michael and Diane Gould Australia Clients
Michael & Diane Gould
Marketing PR  - Dun & Bradstreet
June 05, 2017
We finally got rid of this timeshare after 8 years of paying for it, trying to sell, rent the whole 9 and NOTHING happened. I was given Dustin's number from a friend and called him, he was very helpful, polite, never asked for a penny just basically educated me and husband about what to do and not do but again we are dealing with timeshares and I was very unsure of believing him at first so I did some research, called a few previous successful cancelled clients and the rest I crossed my fingers. I ended up calling back in about a week and signed up with them to help me get out of this timeshare..all happened like they said, I didn't get any money back but I am out and free and we no longer pay the $400 per month and $1,200 annually .. thanks again timeshare release for helping us resolve our issues. If anyone has issues or need a reference just give us a ring and we can set the record straight- thanks again TRN
Decided not to disclose
CANCELLED  - 979-224-5387 
June 02, 2017
WOW! Thank You guys so much for helping us with the release of our Timeshare contracts. This was the first legitimate company we have encountered since owning this horrible Timeshare. It has been nothing but a nightmare.  These guys are amazing and I will do anything for them for helping me out and sticking true to their word. God is watching at the amount of people you guys are helping. Thank You again GOD BLESS!
Junie L.
Cancelled Fall 2016  - 817-739-0462
June 01, 2017
If you are reading this and not sure on what to do with your Timeshare, SIGN UP WITH TRN IF YOU'RE SMART! Don't be like us, we stood on the fence for over 6 months before we finally pulled the trigger, and I so wish I listened to them back when they first spoke to me and husband. Long story short, we are terminated completely from the Timeshare after a long hard 6 years of making dreadful payments and never using it once. TRN saved us BIG TIME, and I owe one to you guys for the hard work you put into our case. It took longer than expected but it was also my fault for not reaching out when I was instructed to, I have a busy busy life with work, family etc. Thank you for understanding and cooperating with me. YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks TRN! THUMBS UP D.Slawson
Donna S.
Managing Partner  - Aero Technologies, Inc.
May 31, 2017
Daniel & Petra F.
Wyndham Vacations  - Cancelled Today 5/24/17
May 18, 2017
We just received a check today for $38,400! Is this even REAL, We are in shock that this even worked. First off, I would like to apologize for my behaviors and mishaps while you were helping us, you know its just hard to believe for the 6th time after being screwed by so many Timeshare companies with the same ol \"Want to get rid of yout timeshare\" This was the first REAL company and actually explained everything step by step. Everything happened verbatim as they explained it before we signed up. We will sure be sending you people to help, my sister needs to talk to you guys. Thanks TRN ~Mike & J Collins
Mike & Joanne Collins
December 20, 2016
Thank You for the hard work you put into our case. We received the letter today that we are terminated and no longer obligated to pay the debt. We are FREE & CLEAR of this financial nightmare because of these guys! I will be sending friends and family to ya\'ll.
Carl Kitchens
501-988-2546  - Bluegreen Resorts
November 18, 2016
Timeshare Release Now Representative, Mr. Michaels has been a great blessing to my husband and I as we sought to cancel our timeshare. From the very outset we saw that he meant business, and that we had found the right person. He got on the job right away and let us know that we could reach him anytime. We felt like family. I am very delighted to say that within reasonable time The Advocacy Team got us out of our timeshare. We are now debt free. Thanks to Timeshare Release Now Representative Dustin and his team for being so prompt and for performing a job so well done. My husband and I are very grateful for and are very pleased for the quality service we received and will do whatever we can to show our gratitude to these guys. J.H Would you like to hear from us? We wold love to tell you our story. Please call 267-770-6383
Juanita H.
267-770-6383  - Cancelled Today
November 15, 2016
Received our paperwork in the mail today. TERMINATED! We didn't receive money back, but we got good use out of it while we had it. Thank You for helping us right in time for the holidays, couldn't be any better timing. A+ SERVICES! THANK YOU AGAIN! PS I will be sending you guys referrals like I mentioned before we started working together, I'm a man of my word as well!  -MARK & VITO 516-983-6772
Cancel - Refund  - Palms Country Club
November 04, 2016
After 8 weeks of agonizing back and forth letters, we were finally OUT! Thanks to Timeshare Release Now for their hard work and patience. You guys made it look to easy! THANKS
Bruce W.
August 14, 2016
Once again I cannot thank you enough! "I was speaking with our Case Analyst this morning, Keith and David of Timeshare Release Now Maine Advocacy Group this morning". They were very patient, very careful with dealing with our credit/s. The best part is that everything they said before they started happened verbatim. That's how I knew this was working right from the start. Thank You TRN! You saved our lives.
J. Bravo
435-237-7326  - Cancelled 11/1/16
July 22, 2016
Thank You Portland Team! You guys rock! First company to actually do what they say they are doing. God is watching, Good Job!
Anne P.
Cancelled 920-685-5431  - Multiple Contract
July 06, 2016
Thank you for not treating us like the 10 other companies we've dealt with in the past. You guys were true, honest, and loyal to us. A+ in my book!
Miles & Marilyn Shawley
Cancelled 270-877-6482  - Multiple Contracts
January 01, 2016