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Dustin Michaels (Director-Case Manager) has been with the company since 2012 when the company actually opened its doors. Since Day 1 Dustin has done nothing but exceed our expectations as our Vice President & Management Coordinator. Helping our clients in 10 X Folds, working around the clock to ensure our clients that we will go above & beyond to satisfy our clients. Timeshare Release Now, LLC is owned and operated by Jonathan Phillips & Dustin Michaels of Portland, ME.


Dustin Michaels has extensive background within the Timeshare Industry including credit counseling and debt consolidation. Having these tools to perform our Timeshare Exit Programs and we also offer to protect the client’s credit throughout the whole process, upon request. Having worked for the Timeshare Industry for over 10 years and knowing how everything is done from the appointment setting, to sales, brokerage, and now Advocacy Timeshare Exit Programs to ensure to our clients that we have the truth they deserve and knowledge & advice on what to do with their unwanted Timeshares that were sold to them on areas of Fraud & Misrepresentation.  Dustin plays a key role in the management process and coordinates with other Timeshare Cancellation Companies for Business Development purposes.


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