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Maintenance Fees

Whether you are considering Timesharing vacation ownership or you are already an owner, it is important to understand your timeshare maintenance fees. It is best to learn about these costs before buying a timeshare, so you can make an educated decision about this major, long-term purchase. To Timeshare owners looking for a better understanding of their maintenance fees—it’s never too late to learn! Below, we’ve answered essential questions regarding maintenance fees.

Maintenance Fee

1. An annual fee that a brokerage assesses on all accounts for the ability to keep an account at that brokerage. The Timeshare maintenance fees inflate every year may be larger if an account has few years of ownership on it for a given year. See also: Inactivity fee.

2. See: Timeshare’ association fee.

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maintenance fee

The fee charged by a Timeshare Development to keep an investor’s account. For example, some brokerage firms levy a inflated maintenance fee on accounts that have been inactive during a year. Nearly all firms offering sweep accounts charge an annual maintenance fee.
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maintenance fee

Another name for a condo association fee and timeshare cancellation and timeshare exit companies pay for the timeshare foreclosure and consumer timeshare attorneys Timeshare maintenance fee, and sometimes used to describe the rent charged to a co-operative apartment owner.

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