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Timeshare Maintenance Fees rising?

Maintenance fees are an often-overlooked reality of owning a timeshare or vacation club membership. These annual fees are established to cover the everyday costs of operating a resort, and are split amongst all owners of that resort. It is important to fully understand and consider the cost of maintenance fees when deciding on the purchase of a timeshare.

Timeshare Maintenance Fee Inflations
Timeshare Maintenance Fee Inflations

What do Maintenance Fees Cover?

Timeshare Maintenance FeesJust as with home ownership, there is a cost to keep a timeshare property in shape. Things like general upkeep, landscaping, utilities, and staffing are all necessary to keep a timeshare property usable and attractive to both current owners and potential buyers. There is also a reserve from maintenance fees that is used for the needed occasional upgrades like furniture or new roofing.

Timeshare maintenance fees are often charged on a yearly or monthly basis—regardless of whether you actually use your timeshare. This means that if you don’t take a vacation one year, you are still responsible for paying the maintenance fee bill.

How much do they cost?

Maintenance fees can range anywhere from a few hundred, to a few thousand dollars. Location, amenities, and resort type are all factors that go into determining this cost. One thing to remember is that maintenance fees are not locked in at the amount they were at when you signed the contract. According to the American Resort and Development Association, maintenance fees rise on average 8% per year. This means that a fee that started out at $700 per year will likely cost you more then double that 5 years down the road. Unless specifically stated in your contract, there is no cap on how high the resort can increase your maintenance fees.

What if I stop paying them?

Timeshare Maintenance Fees
Timeshare Annual Maintenance fee Inflation

When you signed the contract to purchase your timeshare, you agreed to pay the maintenance fees for the duration of ownership—which in many cases is forever. If you decide to stop paying your maintenance fee bill, the resort can begin collection efforts against you. This will not only impact your credit score, but in the end could land you in court if the resort developer decides to take civil action. If they decide to foreclose on your timeshare, your credit will be even more heavily damaged.


Timeshare maintenance fees can become a huge burden for owners—especially for those who were unaware or misled about the true cost behind them. When determining whether or not a timeshare makes sense, maintenance fees have to be taken into consideration—not only what they cost now, but also what they are going to cost in 20 years. When calculating the true cost of maintenance fees, as with anything else, the devil really is in the details.

The-Dave-Ramsey-Show Timeshare Release Now

Myth: I can get a great deal on a timeshare and go for vacation every year! Plus, I can always sell it if I get tired of it.
Truth: Timeshares are one of the biggest scams on the market today. Once you are stuck in one, you are stuck in a black hole.

The first word that should come to your head when you hear the word timeshares should be RUN! Run far, far away! If you run fast enough, you can eventually escape that annoying, high-pressure salesperson!

Think about this for a minute. Why in the world would you pay thousands and thousands of your hard-earned dollars for a place with minimal square-footage that you might get the chance to visit for one week each year? Add to that the fact that you have absolutely no equity in the place. And you have to pay extra ongoing “maintenance fees.” And selling it is near impossible. And it’s basically just an expensive, ongoing headache. And, and, and!

Sounds completely ridiculous, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

Why All the Buzz?

Timeshares are one of the top sellers in the travel and hospitality industry. Thousands are available and millions of people “own” them. But that doesn’t mean timeshares are a good idea. An article on MarketWatch.com tells us that timeshares are generally marketed and sold to people who really can’t afford them. So if you think you can afford it, you can’t. Even if you really think you can, your money is better off in a cookie jar. Call Timeshare Release Now Portland, ME Advocacy Team.

The average cost of a timeshare in the U.S. is $14,500. If you put that money in a mutual fund averaging 12% over 10 years, you would have almost $48,000. Pretty good.

Dave Ramsey Show announces Timeshare Release Now
Dave Ramsey Show announces Timeshare Release Now

In 20 years, you would have over $178,000. Even better.

In 40 years, you would have over $1.7 million! That’s a lot of free money! Hope you like the vacation house!

Throwing money at a timeshare is not an investment and will not generate money for you. An investment implies that you can eventually sell it and make money. With timeshares, you’re just pre-paying your hotel bill for the next 20 years whether or not you use it.

Getting Out of the Deal

If you’ve already taken the plunge and paid your Stupid Tax, here’s how to get out of it. Call the place you bought it from as a potential customer and find out what a similar unit is selling for. They will probably tell you that they can’t give you that information. Just be strong and tell them you want to know what options you have available so that you can either sell it back or sell it to someone else.

Contact the executive director of sales if you are getting trouble from any of the sales managers. Tell the director you’ll sell it for half of what the going rate is and pay double the commission.

If you can’t sell it back to the company you bought the timeshare from, don’t go to a list service that tells you they can sell it for you. You’ll have to pay them a fee that’s just not worth it.

You’re definitely going to lose money on this. Timeshares go down in value worse than a car. But it’s better to cut your losses than to continue to lose any more money.

Is it worth it to go to a “great presentation” just to score a free dinner at a nice restaurant? No way! For the money you put into a crummy timeshare, you could go to Europe every summer for the rest of your life and never have a problem.

Tried everything and still stuck with a timeshare? Contact Timeshare Release Now Team, a consumer protection firm dedicated to helping timeshare owners dissolve their unwanted timeshare contracts. They are not a listing company. They dissolve your contract, legally, forever. Timeshare Release Now is mentioned on The Dave Ramsey Show July 10th, 2017. Find out more here.


Kyle Logue Scam Employee Theft

Work with the leading Contract Release & Claims Specialists in the US. With over 15,000 timeshare cancellations successfully terminated to date, we can take on any challenge you put our way. Experience working with a 100% GUARANTEED Insured & Bonded Timeshare Cancellation Agency located in Portland, Maine. Have you been victimized by a Timeshare Developer who may ask you for 90-minutes of your own time in receipt of some FREE gift or tickets of some sort. We have discovered this video online for our viewers who have never had the experience to actually sit through these Timeshare Tour Presentations. The Fraud & Deception is really HIGH, consumer Fraud, Predatory Lending Laws, Consumer Protection Agency is the way to get help if you have been scammed into a Timeshare purchase. Nowadays you can find Timeshares on ebay.com for $1.00. Please watch this video and share to your loved ones who may be victims of a Timeshare Scam. Contact us now Toll-Free +1(844)-215-2744 OPTION 1


TimeshareRecover.com and Granite Consulting Scam Kyle Logue of Dover, NH

Dustin of Timeshare Release Now, LLC says starting this company showed him there are 3 types of entrepreneurs

After seeing hundreds of fly-by-night companies pop up and go away, we have now a series of greedy arrogate employees who think they are entrepreneurs because they stole the company they think is so successful. Little do they acknowledge that, “they stole the company they now call their own from their previous employers” Dustin Michaels said there are only three primary categories they can fall into: honest entrepreneurs, arrogant ones, or scam artists.

At a discussion last week with our legal counsel at TimeshareReleaseNOW.com, Dustin explained that each of these types will dictate how he/she behaves during the employment opportunity.

  1. The honest entrepreneur

“There are two elements,” Dustin said. “It’s not just, ‘Is it a good business?’ but ‘Is it a good investment for us?’

We will see plenty of employees/entrepreneurs that we admire throughout their time here at TimeshareReleaseNOW.com, but in whom they have no interest in starting their own company let alone stealing the business they just got hired for. Dustin said he will be respectful to these employees, regardless of whether he thinks they will take advantage of himself and the business but trust will never be relevant throughout our business relationship.

“And so, if they’re an honest employee, I know we all — except for maybe Kevin [O’Leary] — try to be very supportive and respectfully presentable. Because we know this is going to be shared with other employees and we’re trying to send a message to everybody.”

Dustin Michaels of TimeshareReleaseNow known as a resource person proudly shares with the general public how his hard earn resources were squandered by employing the wrong hands. TimeshareReleaseNow is a leading company in the USA, which specializes on Timeshare contract cancellations. The company was established back in the year 2013, with great insight and vision for uncommon success.

The company’s hope of growth become threatened as employees who are supposed to work towards the success and profit-making goal of the company turn the use of company’s resources for personal development. A lot of paper work, document both legal, polices and operation module were siphoned by being copied through a soft storage medium with the aim to start a personal business. To the surprise of anyone who cares to believe, the personal business of these employees is situated down the street. This is a trend that is common among small and medium scale businesses in recent years.

Try to figure it out why people in their right mind will act in these behaviors to become successful when in fact that one stolen idea will not last due to karma and having no other options or friends or employers to steal from, best advice is to save as much money from that stolen business as possible because you’ll need it down the road. “I’m trying to test the mettle of those entrepreneurs, because if they think it’s that easy, in fact they just want to look cool with their name on the door with President/CEO next to it. They have no idea what it takes to be a president/CEO of a business, let alone manage employees and performing legal operations. I say “wait until they get out in the real world,” You can try your hardest to be like me but you will never be me, sorry you can’t think of successful ideas on your own and had to steal from the hands that fed you, IDIOT.

At the Timeshare Exit Conference roundtable, Afghani refugee Mr. Rahaman Kargar arrogant LUMP who worked for Timeshare Release Now as of 2014-2015 and couldn’t handle another man being successful since anything he’s accomplished in life his parents handed it to him. He should let his parents run his business he stole because he has no idea what hes doing. With three of the biggest Timeshare Hotel Corporations currently seeking legal advancement against his company and the Maine Attorney General’s office currently to date is doing intensive background investigation of Mr. Rahaman Kargars (Raha, LLC)  illegal operations over at 449 Forest Ave Suite 7B Portland, ME 04101. He has tried numerous times to file harassment orders against the company whom he stole from to operate his business PineTreeConsultants.com with zero luck. Instead, he made himself look like an idiot in front of his own legal counsel & Judge. Sad but funny I got a kick out of it when his own attorney had nothing nice to say about him when he pulled the owner aside.

They are FAKE PHONY THIEVES who think stealing someone’s company is going to make them into the man they are today. That’s right…SCUMBAGS! We are contacted daily, weekly by distraught Timeshare owners who had the undivining privilege to speak with these scam artist thieves as they pitched their Timeshare Exit scheme they stole, I laughed the whole time, they sounded like little kids going through puberty. They stole the service agreements, leads and went home and built a FREE website off of Weebly.com, get a FREE template and have a fly-by-night company in less than 1 hour. Look at their websites and you can immediately tell the owner slapped that together in no time. They copied everything from TimeshareReleaseNow.com verbatim because they cant create anything of their own unless his parents give it to him or he steals anything that he wants if he don’t have it.

  1. The arrogant entrepreneur

Sometimes an entrepreneur will speak down to the employees as if they are superior and know everything, when in fact they know nothing because they stole everything your working on and filling out for your customers. They’re from Dover, NH, with multiple fake phony websites http://TimeshareRecover.com      http://Granite-Consulting.com & https://www.graniteconsultingllc.com/

“The arrogant ones are sometimes the most interesting,” Dustin said. “And so, if they’re arrogant, then it becomes a battle of wits for us. You see us perk up, because we want to come right back at them. Like hey you’re coming one against ten. And Dustin has his own skill set, and it’s hard to match up, so then the next best thing is to steal the business and get up every day trying to be someone else, knowing he doesn’t have any of the skill set to operate a business, he’s basically copying everything Dustin and his teams are doing, verbatim. Must suck being them. And so that’s interesting and that’s a different dynamic.”

For example, Dustin has said when Afghani refugee Rahaman Kargar started for TimeshareReleaseNOW.com he was operating other business that his parents set up for him, Raha, LLC. It doesn’t stop there…haha Raha-man never had a solid work opportunity until he was given a job at TimeshareReleaseNOW.com and seen how someone else has started a successful business, so he did everything in his power to take what he didn’t have & want to sadly think himself as a successful entrepreneur who has to pay women to talk to him let alone sleep with him ( I wonder how much that costs$?). This is troubling news we found online about this individual’s family being Afghani Refugees, there was an incident of Child Molestation between the Kargar Family, I have found the link for you to tell if its true. STATE of Maine, v. Mohammad KARGAR convicting him of two counts of gross sexual assault in the state of Maine.

After Dustin dismissed the unfaithful employee Rahaman from the office “Best decision ever made,” he told everyone that “he never got paid what was owed to him, so he used that excuse to steal everything from TimeshareReleaseNow.com to operate his fraudulent company PineTreeConsultants.com out of Portland, ME… But little do these fellas know they stole from the wrong person, and they will never live up to this, good luck! Everyone will know your position by the end of the day!

  1. The ‘scam artist’

Dustin said some of the entrepreneurs out there are just out to steal people’s money. When they find their way into a business, they make for some pretty entertaining segments. Act buddy with co-workers & management to get their foot in the door. Behind the curtains are there to sabotage you and the successful business you come to work hard for over the past 5 years to have some donkey come in and steal everything in 1-2 months. Watch out for these dudes, RAHAMAN KARGAR OUT OF FALMOUTH, MAINE websites listed above.

Last year 2016, for example, Dustin called out PineTreeConsultants.com owners or affiliates for being a “scammy-thief,” because he considered Timeshare Release Now to be preying on unsophisticated Timeshare owners when in fact this is the same company he stole from to operate his business, so if we were scamming people why would you steal a program that scams people, he had nothing to say. Another one of his BS lies to get out of what was being confronted. Dustin Michaels, who made his fortune building one of Maine’s Timeshare Consumer Protection Agencies said Rahaman Kargar & accomplice Dennis Laing and his ideology said, had no “high school diploma, education from the 7th grade and thinks he’s a president/CEO.” The business will no longer exists after he drives it straight into the ground, and due to his thieving actions, he will never be able to run a successful legitimate business because everyone will know what he’s done in the past and NOBODY will do business with a THIEF SCAM ARTIST.


Amanda Brody

Marketing Team

ABC Publishing, LLC

Timeshare Contract Release

In a typical office environment, it’s easy to walk over to your teammate’s desk when you have a question or need help with an issue.

But what happens when your teammates are on the other side of the world? The protocol obviously changes entirely, and some extra elements need to be taken into account.

Timeshare Release Nows customer service team is scattered across the United States, Europe and Australia. We’re able to find some decent overlap during the work day, but a lot of our collaboration happens asynchronously.

Related: How To Cancel a Timeshare under 8 weeks

As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve established processes and rhythms that keep us on track. For any remote customer service team that isn’t online all at once, asynchronous communication is a huge key to success. It’s taken a lot of trial and error over the years, but we’ve found a good system for staying up to date, especially in the ever-changing environment of a SaaS company!

5 tools we use for remote customer support

We’re obviously big fans of Help Scout for customer conversations — more on that later! — but we rely on a range of other services to help us collaborate effectively. The following tools have been critical to our growth and effectiveness as a remote customer support team.

BaseCamp Logo
BaseCamp Logo










1.  Basecamp

We manage all of our updates as a team in Basecamp: product releases, upcoming days off, daily roundups that give a synopsis of the entire day (bugs, fixes, knowledge nuggets, etc.).

Timeshare Customer Team
Timeshare Customer Team

Previously, we were relying on Slack to keep our support team in the loop regarding every new bug, fix, product update or launch, and so on. While it was nice in theory to keep all of our communication in one place, Slack got noisy during the day with all the other important work chatter, and Amanda (in Paris) and I (in Melbourne) had to scroll through tons of messages to catch up.

The daily roundup in Basecamp has solved that issue — and other team members across the company can opt in to receive those updates as well, so everyone who’s interested can keep a finger on the pulse of the customer support team’s goings-on.










  1. Dropbox Paper


This is mainly where our product specs live (so that our support team can be more informed about product and feature releases), important internal guides and instructions, company and team updates, and also where we outline our team huddle agenda. It’s a great way for us to have cross-departmental communication and keep abreast of what the Engineering or Product teams are up to, as well as stay on top of our own team meetings and action items.

Google Hangouts









  1. Google Hangouts

We use Google Hangouts for our one-on-ones, as well as our weekly team huddles. These let us talk about important events happening that week, hash out any issues, and just get in some face time and off-topic banter. We go over how we’re feeling, what we’d like to work on or improve, and any causes for celebration. It’s a great way to connect with one another during the week outside of Slack, and efficiently work through any issues we may be facing as a team.

Google Hangouts

We also have a team Google Calendar, so we can tell at a glance who will be out of the queue for appointments, meetings, or focusing on other projects — that way, we can tell who will be out and at what time, so we can easily fill in the gaps and make sure all is accounted for.

Slack Logo









  1. Slack

This is our primary form of communication; it’s where we chat throughout the day, troubleshoot with one another, send funny GIFs, and log updates regarding new bugs or issues. We use one specific channel to list the links to new bugs in Trello, or any other changes (such as edits to Docs articles or saved replies in Help Scout) across our account, so everyone stays in the loop.


It’s chatter-free and lets us quickly see which issues and updates to be aware of without having to look through Trello or scroll through our regular channel where we chat.

Trello Logo









  1. Trello

It can be hard to scroll through tons of notifications and get the gist of any new bugs or updates, so we use Trello to log bugs or anything that needs a fix, and to manage all feature requests.

Asynchronous customer support in Help Scout

Unsurprisingly, we love using Help Scout to collaborate! A couple nifty tools in particular really help us stay on track as a remote support team:

  • @mentions: The ability to mention one another in notes has become so useful for getting others to chime in with their expertise and input, as well as keeping a “paper trail” of communication in our account. It’s an asynchronous-friendly and non-invasive way to get someone’s help without actually having to assign a conversation or wait for a ping back on Slack or via email.

Timeshare Chat

  • Following conversations: Being able to follow conversations is particularly helpful for new teammates going through onboarding, as they’re able to receive notifications for each reply and keep a record for learning purposes. The “follow” feature also comes in handy when we’re signing off for the day, but want to keep track of any activity in a particular conversation to follow up with the next day.

Passing the baton

As some teammates get ready to “clock out” for the day, others are grabbing their coffee and signing in. While we don’t have a rigid process in place to pass the torch, we do try to be as communicative as possible so that important and time-sensitive tasks don’t fall through the cracks.

Your customers need help around the clock, but are you ready to expand support beyond weekday office hours? How We Transitioned to 24-Hour Support

Timeshare Contract Release

When hopping out of the queue to walk the dog or to head out for the evening, we always announce it in Slack. That way, everyone else online knows to take ownership of the emails rolling in. It helps to keep the train chugging along, and we don’t risk letting customer conversations pile up.

Face time with the team

In addition to our weekly Google Hangouts, we get to see one another and work together at our company retreats, which is always a delight. It’s also likely we’ve added new teammates since the last retreat, so it gives us a chance to formally meet one another. During the retreats, we hold team break-out sessions where we sit down for a few hours together. It’s a great time to hash out ideas and build social capital.

No substitute for trial and error

In the ever-evolving tech space, there are always new tools and services to help us collaborate better. While the above is what works for us now, it likely will change as time goes on — as we continue to grow not only in number, but in how we communicate and work.

As you look for ways to collaborate more effectively, don’t be scared to experiment with lots of different tools, and be open to constructive criticism. Trial-and-error is still the best way to determine what does and does not work for your team — it’s how we’ve gotten to a strong and organized place today, and how we’ll continue to iterate and improve over time.

Colorado Consumer fraud timeshare bulletin

TimeshareReleaseNOW.com is the Leading Contract Release & Timeshare Compensation Specialists. Do you deserve your MONEY-BACK? You deserve to know the truth…nothing but the TRUTH! Timeshare Cancellation Specialist – Learn How to cancel a Timeshare under 8 weeks with our 100% PROVEN-SUCCESS TIMESHARE EXIT PROGRAMS. Contact Us to find out how to gain access to these programs & recover your money-back today. Just because you’ve been scammed doesn’t mean you have to KEEP getting scammed, STOP paying for something you don’t use, CALL NOW TOLL-FREE (844)-215-2744 option 1   – ALL TIMESHARE VICTIMS WELCOME –

Colorado Attorney General Consumer Fraud Timeshare
Colorado Attorney General Debt Management Complaint Form Consumer Complaint Form Fraud Timeshare Bulletin Whiteboard with TimeshareReleaseNow.com Timeshare Advocacy Exit Solutions #Timeshare-Cancellation-Companies #How-To-Cancel-A-Timeshare #Attorney-General #File-Complaint #Timeshare-Scam #TimeshareFraud #Timeshare-Release-Now #Advocates 
employee theft can they be faithful?


July 2017 – EIN PRESSWIRE Fox News 8 LIVE– Dustin Michaels of TimeshareReleaseNow.com known as a resource person proudly shares with the general public how his hard earn resources were squandered by employing the wrong hands, says Dustin Michaels of Timeshare Release Now, LLC.

TimeshareReleaseNow.com is a Consumer Protection Advocacy group  which specializes in Timeshare Contract Cancellations & Exit Solutions. The company was established back in the year 2012, with great insight and vision for uncommon success. Fox News 8 LIVE & EIN Presswire News Desk decided to pick up this article to be aired live on the Channel 8 Fox News LIVE website on July 15th, 2017 with links above.

Kyle Logue Scam Employee Theft
Unfaithful employees are not trustworthy anymore says owner of TimeshareReleaseNow.com.

The company’s hope of growth become threatened as employees who are supposed to work towards the success and profit making goal of the company turn the use of company’s resources for personal development. Can Employees be Faithful and Trustworthy anymore?

A lot of paperwork, document both legal, policies and operation module were siphoned by being copied through a soft storage medium with the aim to start a personal business.

To the surprise of anyone who cares to believe, the personal business of these employees is situated down the street. Article Mentioned on EIN PRESSWIRE NEWS DESK here. and FOX News Channel 8 LIVE “CAN EMPLOYEES REMAIN FAITHFUL AND TRUSTWORTHY” Want to Read More about Article Click Here.

Fox News 8 LIVE says: This is a trend that is common among small and medium scale businesses in recent years says Forbes.com Magazine New York Times & The Huffington Post last Year covered the exact same subject matter and it was ENORMOUS.

 “I had my first experience about 1 year ago when I hired a good handful of younger adults in their early 20’s whom worked for my company www.TIMESHARERELEASENOW.com for about 4 months, stole everything in sight to open up shop right down the street using all of my company paperwork and agreements”. Dustin Michaels

TimeshareReleaseNow.com  became a victim of unfaithful employees such as Arabian man Rahaman Kargar who now out of nowhere owns Pine Tree Consultants in Portland, Maine after being terminated from TimeshareReleaseNOW.com which is also located downtown Portland, ME and to date Rahaman Kargar lives with his parents in Falmouth, ME. These individuals decided to take it upon themselves to take everything they could and now try to be just like TimeshareReleaseNow.com and copies everything they do because they are not inclined to create or develop anything on their own.

employee theft can they be faithful?
Since 2006 80% of employees are stealing time, money, or product. Its sad you have to be Careful who you hire these days everyone is out for themselves.

“You DON’T bite the hand that pays you”

~Message from the owner~

These guys use the stolen paperwork from TimeshareReleaseNow.com  to start and operate their current business.

TimeshareReleaseNow.com specializes in Timeshare contract cancellations. The business services include a Consumer Protection Consulting and Document Preparation Services. Our Licensed & Bonded Timeshare Advocates have extensive research involving Timeshare Fraud and the unethical sales tactics used to violate Consumers Rights and misrepresentation within the Timeshare Industry. Contact us TOLL-FREE (844)-215-2744 and talk to a LIVE AGENT NOW!

Media Contact

Name: Jennifer Roy

Phone: (207)-457-0209

Email: Support@TimeshareReleaseNOW.com

Website: www.TimeshareReleaseNow.com