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Do You Know how To Cancel Your Timeshare?

Each person who speaks with our team at Timeshare Release Now ( knows how easy it is to purchase Timeshares, but how easy is it to. Join us today to learn “How to Cancel a Timeshare in 6 weeks“. During our free consultation, we listen to their experiences with hopes of serving their desire to cancel the timeshare contract. The more we understand about their story, the more effective we can be at getting the result our clients expect.

Our strength is our knowledge of the timeshare industry. We know that each state has specific laws that govern the sale of timeshares. Those laws begin with the way that timeshare developers market their properties. Since developers intend to sell individual units in 50 incremental units of time, laws require them to publish prospectuses that make every aspect of timeshare ownership transparent. When developers fail to reveal each rule pertaining to timeshare sales, they may violate consumer protection laws.

Besides the developer, each representative of the developer has a responsibility to adhere to consumer protection laws.

  • The laws apply to people who market the timeshare.
  • The laws apply to people who sell the timeshare.
  • The laws apply to people who show the timeshare.

Consumers have a right to know what they’re buying when they’re buying. Anyone who uses manipulative, unethical, or high-pressure tactics to trick people into signing contracts crosses a line. When they cross that line, they victimize people. At Timeshare Release Now, our team specializes in providing assistance to those people.

If developers bribed you with a free gift to attend to timeshare sales presentation, then you have rights. If you left that sales presentation burdened with tens of thousands in debt, financed by the developer at extraordinarily high interest rates, then perhaps you should contact our team at Timeshare Release Now, LLC. We have specialists that may be able to assist your efforts of cancelling that timeshare contract. If we cannot assist you, we’ll know after the free consultation. But finding out won’t cost you a penny. On the other hand, if the developer failed to comply with all consumer protection laws, we will provide you with outstanding service and deliver the results you’re after—ending your obligation to the timeshare developer forever.

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“We will Stop Timeshare Fraud – One Consumer at a Time!!” – Dustin Michaels of

5 Reasons to say no to a Timeshare


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An individual who purchases and uses products and services in contradistinction to manufacturers who produce the goods or services and wholesalers or retailers who distribute and sell them. A member of the general category of persons who are protected by state and federal laws regulating price policies, financing practices, quality of goods and services, credit reporting, debt collection, and other trade practices of U.S. commerce. A purchaser of a product or service who has a legal right to enforce any implied or express warranties pertaining to the item against the manufacturer who has introduced the goods or services into the marketplace or the seller who has made them a term of the sale.

Timeshare Consumer

Someone who makes the act in buying into a Timeshare Contract, Deed, Membership or Agreement to own a piece of a Timeshare Fractional Deed with 51 other owners of that same unit. See Wikipedia for a Definition

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noun buyerbuyer of laborclientcoemptorcustomeremptorleaser, lesseeobtainerpatron,procurer, purchaserpurchaser of goodsshoppertransfereevendee
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See also: clientcustomerpatron

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normally (but not always) a customer who buys for personal use and not business purposes and whois accordingly treated differently in the law. See CONSUMER CREDITCONSUMER CREDIT AGREEMENT, PREDATORY LENDINGUNFAIR CONTRACT TERMS.

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how it works Timeshare cancellation process

If you own a Timeshare, the chances are good that you have become disillusioned with your purchase and are wondering how to get out of it. After researching your options, you go to google and type in, “How to cancel a Timeshare”, and Timeshare Release Now pops up under the 1st page of After researching this option at working with this group, looking at everything from a testimonial with phone numbers attached to them, their Better Business Bureau account profile to Timeshare Resale Companies to Timeshare Exit Companies. The cost to enter into these programs may feel overwhelming and unsure of where to start, who to trust. Figuring out how to get rid of a Timeshare is a complicated process, and it is normal to feel a bit lost. Read on for some Timeshare Release Now tips from the experts and ways to help you decide the best way to get out of your Timeshare.

how it works Timeshare cancellation process
How to cancel a Timeshare under 6 weeks?

Buying a Timeshare is a simple process. Really too simple when you think about the long-term implications a spur of the moment impulse buy has for you and significant other. When you bought your Timeshare, you most likely did so in a moment of Vacation Bliss. You were relaxed and didn’t see it coming to you. The allure of a FREE dinner and a $100 dollar visa gift card was too much, so you agreed to go to a Timeshare Tour Presentation. The Tour Presentation sold you a Timeshare, hook line and sinker for something you didn’t want or need. With most likely saying, “no” numerous times to the sales representatives don’t do anything but basically tells them to keep going. When you say, “NO”, it means, “YES” to the Timeshare employees.

At first, you thought you would use your Timeshare and vacation with family bringing everyone together. You fully bought into the fantasy they laid out for us. You fell for the figures they sjhpwed you about the hotel costs and inflation and you were convinced that your Timeshare would save you thousands over the course of its life. And it not, you could always sell it, most likely even for a profit.

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Templates
Sample timeshare cancellation letters

However, once you got home and lived with your Timeshare for a while, you have realized it is not what it was advertised to be. Between high interest rates and inflating annual maintenance fees, you are paying more than you ever imagined and may even be having trouble making ends meet each month due to your high Timeshare mortgage payment.

You may have even found that you can’t actually afford to go on vacation because of your Timeshare payments. Sure, your hotel is paid for, but there are many other costs associated with going on vacation like airfare, gas, food, and entertainment. Just because your hotel is paid for does not mean that your vacation is paid for. With your high Timeshare payments, you cant afford all the other parts of vacationing. And since you make payments monthly, its not like shopping for hotel deals will help you save money at ell. You need to know how to get rid of a Timeshare.

In general, a timeshare cancellation is the best way to get out of a Timeshare. When you do a timeshare cancellation, you make your contract null & void as if it did not even happen. You don’t owe the timeshare company extra money to account for the negative equity your timeshare has accumulated over the time you have owned it. You walk away from your Timeshare Contract free and clear.

If you are experiencing similar problems with your Timeshare Resort, give us a call and we can discuss the many options we have available to get out of your Timeshare Contract and debt associated with contract immediately. We have the answers to your questions and the TRUTH you deserve.  For more information About Timeshare Cancellation by talking to our  Timeshare Release Now Advocacy Team or log onto the website. Visit us at:


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“We will STOP Timeshare Fraud – One consumer at a time”! Message from the Owner


Timeshare Release Now enjoys Luxury Anguilla Vacation Rentals

PORTLAND, MAINE US, August 15, 2017 /— Timeshares in Anguilla has just been voted as the number one island for vacation in the Caribbean for 2017. They came first in the category “The Best Caribbean island of 2017” which was carried out by Travel and Leisure magazine & Timeshare Release Now Consumer Protection Advocacy Agency in Portland, Maine.

Timeshare Release Now sends you to Best Caribbean Beaches Anguilla
Best Caribbean Beaches Anguilla

Leisure + Travel are the biggest travel magazine in the United States so this is a huge honour for Anguilla and especially for the Anguilla tourist board who work effortlessly all year promoting the island. It gives the island tremendous pride and confidence in their unique hospitality and luxurious accommodation on the island.

Timeshare Release Now announces Anguilla 50th Celebrations
Anguilla 50th Celebrations

Exceptional Villas, Leading Luxury Villa Rental Company who feature the most Exclusive Anguilla villas on the island are delighted with the result “This is a fantastic achievement for the island and gives deserved recognition to the hard-working tourism board on the island” says Niamh McCarthy who is the Anguilla specialist for Exceptional Villas. We have so many clients who love the island and continue to return every year so we are not surprised that Anguilla won the overall award.

The island of Anguilla offers 33 beautiful sandy beaches and is known for its wonderful cuisine offering some of the world’s best restaurants. The island is also famous for their numerous beach bars that offer tasty BBQ food and the best homemade rum punches along with excellent live reggae music. Exceptional Villas who are widely recognised as the world’s most trusted villa experts represent all the best Luxury Anguilla Villas.

Timeshare Release Now presents Luxury Anguilla Villas
Luxury Anguilla Villas

The award was a part of the magazines “Travel and Leisure World’s Best Awards” where readers were invited to participate via newsletters, social media and through the Travel + Leisure magazine website. The awards are in their 22nd year and this year they are holding a cocktail reception for the winners in New York City on July 26th.

This is a fantastic achievement for the island and gives deserved recognition to the hard-working tourism board on the island”

— Niamh McCarthy
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Exceptional Villas is a European based vacation Rental Company with clients and destinations all over the world. They have been in the travel business for over 25 years and offer a bespoke service to their clients. This includes matching the perfect villa to each of their clients and also providing a full and complimentary concierge service. This service includes organising all aspects of the client’s vacations such as VIP airport arrival, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, tours and excursions, water sports and pre-arrival stocking. Unlike some of their competitors, they do not provide a membership fee. Likewise, their villa experts are indeed experts. They visit every single villa and are filled with a wealth of information regarding each villa, as well as each destination. Exceptional Villas take total pride in the customised service they offer.
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Niamh McCarthy
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timeshare forums

GET OUT OF TIMESHARE CONTRACT TODAY! We have an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – just launched their new BETA Consumer Protection Discussion Forum to chat with other owners who are in the exact same situation and 24/7 support team.

 TIMESHARE BETA FORUMProviding the Truth about Timeshares since 2012

*WARNING* It is NOT a place to talk about your case or negative hateful content-speech or you will risk forfeiting your agreement and relationship with Company. This forum was designed for the use to collaborate with others and discuss important things happening within the Timeshare industry and Timeshare Release Now Portland, ME team. If you have an issue or concern about a member, case, or employee you need to submit a complaint form HERE or contact our Customer Support Team Toll-Free (844)-215-2744 Option 2 You can visit us on the web Learn How we can get out of Timeshare Contract with Contact Us

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how it works Timeshare cancellation process

Timeshare Maintenance Fees rising?

Maintenance fees are an often-overlooked reality of owning a timeshare or vacation club membership. These annual fees are established to cover the everyday costs of operating a resort, and are split amongst all owners of that resort. It is important to fully understand and consider the cost of maintenance fees when deciding on the purchase of a timeshare.

Timeshare Maintenance Fee Inflations
Timeshare Maintenance Fee Inflations

What do Maintenance Fees Cover?

Timeshare Maintenance FeesJust as with home ownership, there is a cost to keep a timeshare property in shape. Things like general upkeep, landscaping, utilities, and staffing are all necessary to keep a timeshare property usable and attractive to both current owners and potential buyers. There is also a reserve from maintenance fees that is used for the needed occasional upgrades like furniture or new roofing.

Timeshare maintenance fees are often charged on a yearly or monthly basis—regardless of whether you actually use your timeshare. This means that if you don’t take a vacation one year, you are still responsible for paying the maintenance fee bill.

How much do they cost?

Maintenance fees can range anywhere from a few hundred, to a few thousand dollars. Location, amenities, and resort type are all factors that go into determining this cost. One thing to remember is that maintenance fees are not locked in at the amount they were at when you signed the contract. According to the American Resort and Development Association, maintenance fees rise on average 8% per year. This means that a fee that started out at $700 per year will likely cost you more then double that 5 years down the road. Unless specifically stated in your contract, there is no cap on how high the resort can increase your maintenance fees.

What if I stop paying them?

Timeshare Maintenance Fees
Timeshare Annual Maintenance fee Inflation

When you signed the contract to purchase your timeshare, you agreed to pay the maintenance fees for the duration of ownership—which in many cases is forever. If you decide to stop paying your maintenance fee bill, the resort can begin collection efforts against you. This will not only impact your credit score, but in the end could land you in court if the resort developer decides to take civil action. If they decide to foreclose on your timeshare, your credit will be even more heavily damaged.


Timeshare maintenance fees can become a huge burden for owners—especially for those who were unaware or misled about the true cost behind them. When determining whether or not a timeshare makes sense, maintenance fees have to be taken into consideration—not only what they cost now, but also what they are going to cost in 20 years. When calculating the true cost of maintenance fees, as with anything else, the devil really is in the details.

The-Dave-Ramsey-Show Timeshare Release Now

Myth: I can get a great deal on a timeshare and go for vacation every year! Plus, I can always sell it if I get tired of it.
Truth: Timeshares are one of the biggest scams on the market today. Once you are stuck in one, you are stuck in a black hole.

The first word that should come to your head when you hear the word timeshares should be RUN! Run far, far away! If you run fast enough, you can eventually escape that annoying, high-pressure salesperson!

Think about this for a minute. Why in the world would you pay thousands and thousands of your hard-earned dollars for a place with minimal square-footage that you might get the chance to visit for one week each year? Add to that the fact that you have absolutely no equity in the place. And you have to pay extra ongoing “maintenance fees.” And selling it is near impossible. And it’s basically just an expensive, ongoing headache. And, and, and!

Sounds completely ridiculous, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

Why All the Buzz?

Timeshares are one of the top sellers in the travel and hospitality industry. Thousands are available and millions of people “own” them. But that doesn’t mean timeshares are a good idea. An article on tells us that timeshares are generally marketed and sold to people who really can’t afford them. So if you think you can afford it, you can’t. Even if you really think you can, your money is better off in a cookie jar. Call Timeshare Release Now Portland, ME Advocacy Team.

The average cost of a timeshare in the U.S. is $14,500. If you put that money in a mutual fund averaging 12% over 10 years, you would have almost $48,000. Pretty good.

Dave Ramsey Show announces Timeshare Release Now
Dave Ramsey Show announces Timeshare Release Now

In 20 years, you would have over $178,000. Even better.

In 40 years, you would have over $1.7 million! That’s a lot of free money! Hope you like the vacation house!

Throwing money at a timeshare is not an investment and will not generate money for you. An investment implies that you can eventually sell it and make money. With timeshares, you’re just pre-paying your hotel bill for the next 20 years whether or not you use it.

Getting Out of the Deal

If you’ve already taken the plunge and paid your Stupid Tax, here’s how to get out of it. Call the place you bought it from as a potential customer and find out what a similar unit is selling for. They will probably tell you that they can’t give you that information. Just be strong and tell them you want to know what options you have available so that you can either sell it back or sell it to someone else.

Contact the executive director of sales if you are getting trouble from any of the sales managers. Tell the director you’ll sell it for half of what the going rate is and pay double the commission.

If you can’t sell it back to the company you bought the timeshare from, don’t go to a list service that tells you they can sell it for you. You’ll have to pay them a fee that’s just not worth it.

You’re definitely going to lose money on this. Timeshares go down in value worse than a car. But it’s better to cut your losses than to continue to lose any more money.

Is it worth it to go to a “great presentation” just to score a free dinner at a nice restaurant? No way! For the money you put into a crummy timeshare, you could go to Europe every summer for the rest of your life and never have a problem.

Tried everything and still stuck with a timeshare? Contact Timeshare Release Now Team, a consumer protection firm dedicated to helping timeshare owners dissolve their unwanted timeshare contracts. They are not a listing company. They dissolve your contract, legally, forever. Timeshare Release Now is mentioned on The Dave Ramsey Show July 10th, 2017. Find out more here.


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Work with the leading Contract Release & Claims Specialists in the US. With over 15,000 timeshare cancellations successfully terminated to date, we can take on any challenge you put our way. Experience working with a 100% GUARANTEED Insured & Bonded Timeshare Cancellation Agency located in Portland, Maine. Have you been victimized by a Timeshare Developer who may ask you for 90-minutes of your own time in receipt of some FREE gift or tickets of some sort. We have discovered this video online for our viewers who have never had the experience to actually sit through these Timeshare Tour Presentations. The Fraud & Deception is really HIGH, consumer Fraud, Predatory Lending Laws, Consumer Protection Agency is the way to get help if you have been scammed into a Timeshare purchase. Nowadays you can find Timeshares on for $1.00. Please watch this video and share to your loved ones who may be victims of a Timeshare Scam. Contact us now Toll-Free +1(844)-215-2744 OPTION 1