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I no longer want my timeshare

We understand that sometimes you just need to relinquish (hand back) or sell your timeshare; it may be you no longer use it, or may not be able to afford it anymore. Regardless of the reason, it is best if you contact your member services first who should be able to talk you through your options.

Stay away from scammers

There are many companies whose sole job is to run scams on timeshare owners in order to make money out of them. The two most common ones are:

  • Timeshare Release Now (relinquishing your timeshare)
  • Timeshare Resale Now (protects credit + recovers some if not ALL money back from Developer)

How the timeshare release scam works:

You may receive an email, a cold call or a letter offering to help you get out of your timeshare contract. They may even promise that they will take your developer or resort to court on your behalf and you will be entitled to financial compensation. Or you may find companies on the Internet when you are searching for information on how to relinquish or sell your timeshare.  These companies are looking to play to your vulnerability, advising you NOT to speak to your resort or owners association, warning you that they will not want to help.

They typically offer to assist you to relinquish your timeshare for a fee. This fee is CASE – BY- CASE (if combined with an offer to join their own holiday scheme), with no guarantee that you will be able to relinquish your timeshare, and likely no real service either.

Hilton Timeshare scam coral resorts
Hilton Timeshare scam coral resorts

How the timeshare resale scam works

There are many companies trying to take advantage of timeshare owners who want to sell their timeshare interest. Companies of this nature frequently claim to have a buyer for your timeshare, often ready to pay a ridiculously high price.

Be suspicious of any company that:

  • contacts you without an invitation, for example by cold calling
  • asks you for an up-front payment, for example an administration or lawyers/notary fee
  • says they have a buyer waiting to buy your timeshare
  • suggest they can obtain an unexpected or unrealistic high price
  • asks you to send them your Ownership Certificate
  • puts a lot of pressure on you to make a decision quickly
  • asks for any personal information, for example your bank details or address
  • invites you to a resale presentation possibly with discounted travel or accommodation
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Our advice:

  • Never respond to cold calls from resale agents or companies promising to help you dispose of your timeshare – your details have probably been obtained illegally
  • If you’re looking to sell your timeshare, contact a resale member of TRN and never use a company that hasn’t signed up to its code of conduct
  • There is absolutely no need to do this and you may well find that rather than selling your timeshare, you are persuaded to sign up to a holiday club, sometimes referred to as a long term holiday product
  • Be careful of accepting invitations to join class actions as the actual claim may not exist or be quite as risk free as promised. You may also find that if you attend a meeting to discuss such an action, you are in fact being sold a holiday club
  • Do not agree to post your ownership documents to a company you don’t know is reputable. You may never see the paperwork again but at the same time if the sale is not finalised, you may still be liable for your annual management fees

We would strongly advise customers to avoid using these companies, some of which are not regulated and appear to have been set up to make money out of timeshare owners.

Timeshare owners looking to sell or relinquish their timeshare should in the first instance contact their resort for advice and guidance. If the resort is a member of TRN, it will have an exit programme in place to assist people wishing to relinquish their ownership and, depending on your personal situation, you may be able to hand back your timeshare free of charge, subject to the management fees being fully up to date.

The website contains details of companies about which it has obtained information and whether they pass the “transparency” check. This process involves checking to see if the business provides clear and transparent information about ownership, location, contact details and the legal entity behind the business. Also included are details where an official government authority has taken action against a business or persons acting in an executive role in a business. The site also includes a list of criminals, details of their criminal activity and the companies with which they have been associated.

Consumers can also contact the Timeshare Helpline, Toll-Free (844)-215-2744 Option 1


Foster and Janet Watkins walked into Coral Resorts’ office searching for a slice of paradise.

The retired couple wanted a pool-side timeshare they could visit each Thanksgiving on Hilton Head Island, a five-hour drive from their home north of Atlanta and near their daughter who worked at Armstrong State University in Savannah. Timeshare Owners Contact Timeshare Release Now (844)-215-2744

After hearing a sales pitch, they bought a two-bedroom villa in 2012 at Coral Sands Resort, Coral Resorts’ Venetian-style complex on Pope Avenue. The longtime timeshare owners said they thought they’d paid for a spot to spend their remaining vacations. Hilton Head & Coral Sands

“We’ve been doing timeshares since the late 1980s, so we walked in there knowing what we wanted to buy and walked out of there thinking that’s what we had bought,” said Foster Watkins, 77, a former education administrator. “But the finesse and lack of truth in the sales pitch was something we didn’t pay enough attention to.”

Hilton Timeshare scam coral resorts
Hilton Timeshare scam coral resorts



The lawsuits say various promises — such as annual visits during holiday weeks, waived maintenance fees, reimbursement for their current timeshare and other perks — turned out to be false.

Some owners say that after complaining to the company they paid more money to get what they were originally promised, but the perks never came.

One owner has paid as much as $50,000, according to attorneys.

Coral Resorts has denied the claims.

Nekki Shutt, an attorney representing the company, declined to discuss individual cases, citing pending litigation.

In a statement, she said there are thousands of customers pleased with their Coral Resorts experience. She added that owners can ask for a refund within five days of signing the contract.

“These property owners visit Hilton Head frequently and contribute meaningfully to the area’s economy,” she said in an email. “Every property owner receives what he or she contracts to receive. The usage terms are clearly stated on the first page of each contract in bold print. All purchasers of property also have a five-day ‘right of rescission’ after their purchase during which they can cancel their purchase for any reason — or no reason at all — and receive a full refund.”


Groceries in hand, Jim and Audre Pile were called over to a kiosk in 2012 outside Walmart on Hilton Head.

The kiosk attendant said he had a great deal: Attend a 90-minute timeshare presentation and get $100 worth of gift certificates to island restaurants. #Timeshare-Scams

Having owned a timeshare owner at Seacrest on Hilton Head for 14 years, “we weren’t babes in the woods when it came to presentations,” Jim Pile, 68, said.

But this one impressed the couple from Newport News, Va.

The salesman was “extremely personable,” Pile said.

He promised an annual timeshare at Coral Sands. He also said Coral Resorts would buy Pile’s Seacrest timeshare and use that money toward his Coral Sands purchase, according to a lawsuit.

Moreover, the salesman said the company would rent out the Piles’ new timeshare when they didn’t want to visit. The couple could use that money to pay off the unit, their suit says.

Shutt, the Coral Resorts attorney, said the company does not resell or rent other timeshare properties for owners.

“You couldn’t believe he was misleading you,” Pile said. “Of course we questioned him, but he was so earnest.”

After reading the contract overnight, the Piles signed the next day. They didn’t see the clause that said the villa was a triannual rental, once every three years.

“That was buried on the fourth page and obscured by the way the packet was stapled,” Jim Pile said. “When the salesman steadied the page to read it to us, he put his finger over the world ‘triannual.’”

Pile recognized his mistake a few weeks later.

“I couldn’t get in touch with a salesperson for weeks despite the card that said ‘call anytime,’” he said.

After spending more than $10,000, the couple have yet to visit their unit on Pope Avenue.

Their lawsuit is headed to arbitration, according to court records.

“It’s just our word against theirs,” Jim Pile said. “This didn’t happen by accident. It was methodical and well thought out.”

The Watkinses, the Atlanta couple, paid more to the company when they realized their contract wasn’t what they thought.

A saleswoman promised to give them what they were originally promised for an additional $6,000, according to court records. Foster Watkins never heard back from her, he said.

“My wife has nearly killed me for paying,” he said.

The couple filed a motion for a class-action lawsuit against the company. That motion is pending.

Coral Resorts representatives argue that there are plenty of satisfied timeshare owners.

Paul Vico, a retired teacher from New Jersey, has owned property at Port O’Call for 20 years. He has visited three or four times a year, including last month with more than 20 friends and relatives.

“You can’t beat the quality at Port O’Call. I’ve never had a bad experience,” Vico said. “When we signed 20 years ago, salesmen were still trying to make their commission, but you read people and know what you’re getting into.”


Coral Resorts has worked to suppress evidence likely to play a key role in the owners’ lawsuits.

The evidence includes a transcript of a hearing the company had before the S.C. Real Estate Commission.

The transcript shows Coral Resorts  cancellations did not pay annual fees required by the state Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. The lapsed payments led to questions about whether registrations of the company’s four timeshares remained intact during the years fees weren’t paid, according to records.

If registrations did lapse because the fees weren’t paid, the owners could argue that the contracts they signed during the lapses are invalid because an unregistered company can’t legally sell timeshares. Two documents included with the transcript use the term “registration lapsed” to describe the status of the registrations. For example: “Island Links Resort — Registration lapsed 9-11-2005.”

Coral Resorts lawyers insisted at the Jan. 23, 2013, Real Estate Commission hearing that the unpaid renewal fees had no bearing on whether the company could legally sell timeshares, according to the transcript. The company “categorically denies any lapse” of registration to sell timeshares, Shutt has said.

The lawyers for the dissatisfied timeshare owners disagree. They say the transcript provides “absolute, direct evidence” supporting the owners’ lawsuits.

However, it is unclear if the owners can use the sealed transcript in court.

In July, the S.C. Court of Appeals dismissed an appeal of 14th Circuit Court Judge Carmen Mullen’s decision to seal the documents.

Chief Judge John C. Few ruled that the owners’ attorneys did not file their paperwork in time. He also said some of the procedures the lawyers questioned cannot be appealed.

The attorneys plan to ask a Circuit Court judge to rule whether the transcript is admissible, they said last week.

Pile, the unhappy timeshare owner, said he has told his attorneys to keep fighting.


how to cancel your timeshare
coral resorts hilton head island

“Why am I spending triple the money to get my money back?” he asked. “There comes a time when you need to take a stand and say these things shouldn’t go unnoticed.”

NOVEMBER 30, 2017 01:22 PM

Timeshare Release Now

For some people, like retirees Don and Irene, timeshares are the perfect vacation solution.

They enjoyed being able to plan for their vacation on the same week every year, and they liked the predictability of knowing exactly what to expect at their resort.

However, owning a vacation timeshare can become an unpredictable and frustrating exercise. Here are the three important things to remember to make sure you are getting the most out of your resort purchase.

1. Be a smart consumer from the beginning.

If the person who is working to sell you a timeshare is working on commission, he or she will do everything in his or her power to entice, bully, guilt or manipulate you into signing on to the deal that is the best for their paycheck – not necessarily what is best for your needs or budget.

For example, when Don and Irene bought a timeshare ownership it was for a week of time at the resort. When the resort was sold to a new managing company, their week of time shifted from seven days to a fixed number of points. And while you can’t make a week shorter than seven days, fixed timeshare points can lose value. Like Don and Irene, you may find yourself pumping more and more money into your vacation account for the exact same vacation.

If you are in the market for a timeshare, here’s my money-saving tip: go to the resale market. Make sure you are dealing with a licensed real estate broker. You can go to Licensed Timeshare Brokers to find one. And, as with any real estate transaction, be clear about what you want and stay strong. Walk away from any “deal” that doesn’t offer the flexibility, location, or financial structure that you are looking for.


2. Once you’ve bought, you’re in for life.

As a property owner – even if it’s a property you only visit once a year – you need to stay on top of your rights. A great resource is  National Timeshare Owners Association(NOTA).

There is also the ARDA Resort Owners’ Coalition, a non-profit program sponsored by the American Resort Development Association, and dedicated to “preserving, protecting and enhancing vacation ownership.” Critics have argued, however,  that the ARDA looks out for the RESORT owner’s interests and not as much those individuals who have purchased timeshares. Their website is still worth a look though, as it does contain some good tips and information.

3. A timeshare isn’t an investment property.

In fact, if you are looking to sell your timeshare, be prepared to take a loss on your investment. While the resale market is a smart place to go if you are a buyer, selling your vacation timeshare can pose a real challenge. ARDA has an excellent section on frequently asked questions and consumer advisories on the resale market. If you have decided it’s time to let go of your timeshare, make sure all of your paperwork is in order, including the legal documents from your original purchase (your resort manager can provide these.) Follow ARDA’s “Timeshare Seller’s Checklist” to make sure you have everything in order.

Timeshare Cancellation
Timeshares in Florida

If your resort developer, management company, or homeowners association is not able to help you in the resale process, you can go one of two ways: hire a licensed broker who specializes in timeshare resales (see the link above) or market the property yourself.

If hiring a licensed broker:

–Shop around and compare services and prices before giving the commission to an agent.

–Do some research on the company you plan to do business with. Call the Better Business Bureau in the state where the company is located.

–Do NOT give your credit card or wire money until you have a written contract. And always read that contract carefully.


If marketing the property yourself:

–Research the asking prices for similar kinds of properties, and then research the prices paid for recent sales at your resort.  Chances are the asking prices will be higher than the sale prices. You want to be sure to price your property attractively in order to increase inquiries and the chance of selling your timeshare.

–Advertise widely. Place ads in the real estate or travel sections of newspapers; advertise on websites like eBay or Craigslist; check and compare prices for online advertising sites for timeshares such as redweek.com.

–Remember, if you sell your timeshare yourself, you are responsible for the whole process, including transferring documents, titles, etc.

If you are truly done with your timeshare, but can’t sell it, there are a few final options. You can pass it on to your family. Transfer of ownership rules (which vary from state to state) should allow you to give your timeshare to a family member. You can donate your timeshare to charity. There will likely be fees involved and you should check with your tax advisor before making a charitable donation. You can retain ownership and rent your timeshare; some resorts have rental programs or policies, or you can advertise the rental on an owner site.

Timeshares can be a fantastic way to ensure that you enjoy your vacation year after year. But like any major purchase, you’ll be happier if you do your research up front, hold out for the exact type of resort you want, and have an exit plan if you find that the timeshare lifestyle no longer works for you or your family.

Robert Massi joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1996 and currently serves as a legal analyst as well as host of Bob Massi is the Property Man, part of FBN’s Friday lineup (Fridays, 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT with an encore at 12:30 a.m. ET / 9:30 p.m. PT). The program highlights the various facets of the housing industry and features experts who break down current property trends and pricing deals. Massi appears weekly on Fox & Friends for his segments “Rebuilding Dreams” and “Legal Ease” along with appearing at other times on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network (FBN) for real estate and legal segments.

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5 Reasons to say no to a Timeshare

Why Timeshares are an Objectively Worse Investment Than Just Purchasing a Condo

Many people dream of having their own vacation/investment property, but very few actually take the steps necessary to turn that dream into a reality. Even worse, some are roped into the idea that a timeshare is a smart investment; in reality, for those who desire a vacation and/or investment property of their own, the smarter decision is to purchase a condo outright rather than fall into the timeshare pit. By having a better understanding of the many benefits of outright ownership over timeshare investing, it’s possible to make the right decision.

Avoid Timeshare Maintenance Fees

For starters, consider the fact that timeshares almost always come with annual “maintenance fees,” and timeshare investors are responsible for paying these fees regardless of whether they used the timeshare during that year or not. Furthermore, these fees can be increased at just about any time and without much in the way of an explanation. By owning an investment or vacation property outright, investors never need to worry about these frivolous fees and can better spend their money elsewhere.

Sell For a Profit Later On

Selling one’s portion of a timeshare can be very challenging, and actually making a profit off the sale of a timeshare can be even moreso. Furthermore, when a timeshare is sold at a loss, the IRS doesn’t even allow sellers to claim the sale as a capital loss, which can be yet another punch in the gut. By owning a property outright, it’s much easier to sell down the road and to do so at a profit. And of course, on the chance that a profit isn’t made, at least sellers are able to claim capital losses on their taxes to lessen the blow.

Use it Whenever You Want

Timeshares often require a great deal of planning and logistical hurdles when it comes to scheduling dates to actually use the property, which partially defeats the entire purpose of the investment. By owning a property outright, there is never any need to “schedule” time in the property or get approval from anyone else. And of course, during periods when the property isn’t going to be in use, investors can easily rent it out to offset the costs or even make a profit on the property.

Make Changes To It

Renovating and upgrading a timeshare can be challenging, if not impossible. That’s because doing so usually requires written approval from all the members of the timeshare, as well as agreement of everyone to pitch in on the shared investment. This can be a huge headache. With a condo that’s owned outright, the only approval needed for upgrades or renovations will typically come from the HOA or similar association. This makes it much easier to make any desired changes and to reap the benefits of those upgrades in added resale value.

For those considering a timeshare as a means of finally securing that vacation and/or investment property, it would be wise to instead consider purchasing an investment condo outright. In both the short- and long-term, this tends to be the more sound investment decision for investors and vacationers alike. Consider Cancelling a Timeshare, Learn How to Cancel a Timeshare.

Need assistance with your Timeshare Cancellation Contact us Toll-Free (844)-215-2744

how to cancel timeshare

Do You Know how To Cancel Your Timeshare?

Each person who speaks with our team at Timeshare Release Now (www.TimeshareReleasenow.com) knows how easy it is to purchase Timeshares, but how easy is it to. Join us today to learn “How to Cancel a Timeshare in 6 weeks“. During our free consultation, we listen to their experiences with hopes of serving their desire to cancel the timeshare contract. The more we understand about their story, the more effective we can be at getting the result our clients expect.

Our strength is our knowledge of the timeshare industry. We know that each state has specific laws that govern the sale of timeshares. Those laws begin with the way that timeshare developers market their properties. Since developers intend to sell individual units in 50 incremental units of time, laws require them to publish prospectuses that make every aspect of timeshare ownership transparent. When developers fail to reveal each rule pertaining to timeshare sales, they may violate consumer protection laws.

Besides the developer, each representative of the developer has a responsibility to adhere to consumer protection laws.

  • The laws apply to people who market the timeshare.
  • The laws apply to people who sell the timeshare.
  • The laws apply to people who show the timeshare.

Consumers have a right to know what they’re buying when they’re buying. Anyone who uses manipulative, unethical, or high-pressure tactics to trick people into signing contracts crosses a line. When they cross that line, they victimize people. At Timeshare Release Now, our team specializes in providing assistance to those people.

If developers bribed you with a free gift to attend to timeshare sales presentation, then you have rights. If you left that sales presentation burdened with tens of thousands in debt, financed by the developer at extraordinarily high interest rates, then perhaps you should contact our team at Timeshare Release Now, LLC. We have specialists that may be able to assist your efforts of cancelling that timeshare contract. If we cannot assist you, we’ll know after the free consultation. But finding out won’t cost you a penny. On the other hand, if the developer failed to comply with all consumer protection laws, we will provide you with outstanding service and deliver the results you’re after—ending your obligation to the timeshare developer forever.

Call 1-844-215-2744 for your free consultation today.

“We will Stop Timeshare Fraud – One Consumer at a Time!!” – Dustin Michaels of TimeshareReleaseNOW.com

5 Reasons to say no to a Timeshare


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Timeshare Consumer

Someone who makes the act in buying into a Timeshare Contract, Deed, Membership or Agreement to own a piece of a Timeshare Fractional Deed with 51 other owners of that same unit. See Wikipedia for a Definition

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how it works Timeshare cancellation process

If you own a Timeshare, the chances are good that you have become disillusioned with your purchase and are wondering how to get out of it. After researching your options, you go to google and type in, “How to cancel a Timeshare”, and Timeshare Release Now pops up under the 1st page of Google.com. After researching this option at working with this group, looking at everything from a testimonial with phone numbers attached to them, their Better Business Bureau account profile to Timeshare Resale Companies to Timeshare Exit Companies. The cost to enter into these programs may feel overwhelming and unsure of where to start, who to trust. Figuring out how to get rid of a Timeshare is a complicated process, and it is normal to feel a bit lost. Read on for some Timeshare Release Now tips from the experts and ways to help you decide the best way to get out of your Timeshare.

how it works Timeshare cancellation process
How to cancel a Timeshare under 6 weeks?

Buying a Timeshare is a simple process. Really too simple when you think about the long-term implications a spur of the moment impulse buy has for you and significant other. When you bought your Timeshare, you most likely did so in a moment of Vacation Bliss. You were relaxed and didn’t see it coming to you. The allure of a FREE dinner and a $100 dollar visa gift card was too much, so you agreed to go to a Timeshare Tour Presentation. The Tour Presentation sold you a Timeshare, hook line and sinker for something you didn’t want or need. With most likely saying, “no” numerous times to the sales representatives don’t do anything but basically tells them to keep going. When you say, “NO”, it means, “YES” to the Timeshare employees.

At first, you thought you would use your Timeshare and vacation with family bringing everyone together. You fully bought into the fantasy they laid out for us. You fell for the figures they sjhpwed you about the hotel costs and inflation and you were convinced that your Timeshare would save you thousands over the course of its life. And it not, you could always sell it, most likely even for a profit.

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Templates
Sample timeshare cancellation letters

However, once you got home and lived with your Timeshare for a while, you have realized it is not what it was advertised to be. Between high interest rates and inflating annual maintenance fees, you are paying more than you ever imagined and may even be having trouble making ends meet each month due to your high Timeshare mortgage payment.

You may have even found that you can’t actually afford to go on vacation because of your Timeshare payments. Sure, your hotel is paid for, but there are many other costs associated with going on vacation like airfare, gas, food, and entertainment. Just because your hotel is paid for does not mean that your vacation is paid for. With your high Timeshare payments, you cant afford all the other parts of vacationing. And since you make payments monthly, its not like shopping for hotel deals will help you save money at ell. You need to know how to get rid of a Timeshare.

In general, a timeshare cancellation is the best way to get out of a Timeshare. When you do a timeshare cancellation, you make your contract null & void as if it did not even happen. You don’t owe the timeshare company extra money to account for the negative equity your timeshare has accumulated over the time you have owned it. You walk away from your Timeshare Contract free and clear.

If you are experiencing similar problems with your Timeshare Resort, give us a call and we can discuss the many options we have available to get out of your Timeshare Contract and debt associated with contract immediately. We have the answers to your questions and the TRUTH you deserve.  For more information About Timeshare Cancellation by talking to our  Timeshare Release Now Advocacy Team or log onto the website. Visit us at: www.TimeshareReleaseNOW.com


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“We will STOP Timeshare Fraud – One consumer at a time”! Message from the Owner


Timeshare Release Now enjoys Luxury Anguilla Vacation Rentals

PORTLAND, MAINE US, August 15, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ TimeshareReleaseNow.com— Timeshares in Anguilla has just been voted as the number one island for vacation in the Caribbean for 2017. They came first in the category “The Best Caribbean island of 2017” which was carried out by Travel and Leisure magazine & Timeshare Release Now Consumer Protection Advocacy Agency in Portland, Maine.

Timeshare Release Now sends you to Best Caribbean Beaches Anguilla
Best Caribbean Beaches Anguilla

Leisure + Travel are the biggest travel magazine in the United States so this is a huge honour for Anguilla and especially for the Anguilla tourist board who work effortlessly all year promoting the island. It gives the island tremendous pride and confidence in their unique hospitality and luxurious accommodation on the island.

Timeshare Release Now announces Anguilla 50th Celebrations
Anguilla 50th Celebrations

Exceptional Villas, Leading Luxury Villa Rental Company who feature the most Exclusive Anguilla villas on the island are delighted with the result “This is a fantastic achievement for the island and gives deserved recognition to the hard-working tourism board on the island” says Niamh McCarthy who is the Anguilla specialist for Exceptional Villas. We have so many clients who love the island and continue to return every year so we are not surprised that Anguilla won the overall award.

The island of Anguilla offers 33 beautiful sandy beaches and is known for its wonderful cuisine offering some of the world’s best restaurants. The island is also famous for their numerous beach bars that offer tasty BBQ food and the best homemade rum punches along with excellent live reggae music. Exceptional Villas who are widely recognised as the world’s most trusted villa experts represent all the best Luxury Anguilla Villas.

Timeshare Release Now presents Luxury Anguilla Villas
Luxury Anguilla Villas

The award was a part of the magazines “Travel and Leisure World’s Best Awards” where readers were invited to participate via newsletters, social media and through the Travel + Leisure magazine website. The awards are in their 22nd year and this year they are holding a cocktail reception for the winners in New York City on July 26th.

This is a fantastic achievement for the island and gives deserved recognition to the hard-working tourism board on the island”

— Niamh McCarthy
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