When you’re scammed into a Timeshare and don’t know what to do, we can help. By providing our clients with links to TimeshareReleaseNOW.com Timeshare Exit Programs, you can give them access to stop their monthly fees, annual fees, and experiencing a company that goes up to bat for you — and you’ll also receive a commission for each funded case that you send over to our Timeshare Advocates to close for you.

Affiliate Partners will benefit greatly by working with our Consumer Education Team, to where you’re also doing a good deed which will always come back to you in the future in 10X folds. That is why we are the #1 chosen Timeshare Cancellation Company on the East Coast with the cheapest rates in the industry, no-pressure or high pressure sales tactics used, and NO service quotes over $5,000 taking advantage of the 10% rule. Timeshare Scams Rates range from 12% up to 17.49%* APR with AutoPay, depending on loan purpose, term, amount and credit profile you chose during the initial tour presentation. How to get rid of Timeshare with those Timeshare Exit and a foreclosure defense attorney. Timeshare Lawyers, Timeshare Attorneys, foreclosure defense lawyer and real estate attorneys can help with the Timeshare Cancellation but will charge you an arm & leg with no guarantees.

Benefits for you:

  • Free and easy to join Timeshare Cancellation & Exit Programs
  • 100+ banner ads, call-to-action buttons, page content and text links to choose from for your website
  • Over 20 landing pages to guide Timeshare owners to your front door-step.
  • Earn 10-40% commissions, with possible volume incentives
  • Comprehensive reports and tools
  • No cost or hassle for you; we work directly with the customers you refer

Benefits for your customers:

  • Innovative 100% Money Back Guaranteed Contract Relief Services and same-day mortgage fee cancellation available
  • Money deposited directly into your customer’s account, making them a cash owner
  • Rate Beat – we’ll beat any qualifying rate offered by another Timeshare Exit Companies or Timeshare Advocacy
  • Your customers’ best service experience guaranteed
  • Comprehensive reports and tools

One thing both you and your customers will benefit from – a larger bank account. We can provide them with 100% guaranteed services to ensure your business portfolio has a positive reputation. Sign up now to start increasing your business!

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